Suggested Hymnal(s)

Because our church does not utilize a standard congregational hymnal and instead projects lyrics on the rear walls and in the bulletin, we are afforded the flexibility of being able to sing/play repertoire from a variety of publishers. If you wish to utilize an electronic tablet to manage your music (iPad recommended), set lists with sheet music are provided for you without the need to use a hymnal. If you are interested in more information about this, please see the forScore page. The hymnals/resources listed below are used frequently and recommended for individual purchase (if you do not use a tablet) so that you may customize and note your music to your preference. There are a few copies available of some of the hymnals, but they are property of the parish and are utilized by musicians at some or all of the other weekly Masses. Therefore, borrowed hymnals may be utilized for a particular rehearsal or Mass, but must not leave the church. Sheet music will only be provided for songs NOT in a standard hymnal.

  1. Gather Comprehensive 2nd Edition - Choir Edition
  2. Spirit and Song New - Guitar/Vocal Edition (spiral-bound). There are several editions of this hymnal. The only edition that contains harmony is the guitar edition, which is the one you should purchase. The vocal edition only contains melody lines. Please be sure you purchase the one corresponding to product # 30129228, which is advertised for $37 at the time of this update (2018). If you have questions, please ask.
  3. Spirit and Song Vol 1 - Guitar/Vocal Edition - (out of print)
  4. Spirit and Song Vol 2 - Guitar/Vocal Edition (out of print)