New Members

Here are a few tips and pointers for new members:

  • We minister in song weekly at the 10:30am Sunday Mass. Please arrive promptly at 9:45am.
  • We rehearse weekly on Thursday evenings beginning promptly at 7pm in the church (until 8:30-9pm, depending on the season). Monitor the schedule for occasional variations.
  • We break for the summer (no Masses, no rehearsals). See the schedule for specific start and end dates.
  • We minister in song for many Feast Day, Vigil, and other special Masses throughout the year, which occasionally affect the rehearsal schedule. See the schedule for details/changes.
  • We don't perform; we minister. We utilize our God-given talents to enhance the Liturgy and lead the congregation in song to give praise to our ever-loving God, whose mercy endures forever.
  • The choir that prays together stays together! We are more than a choir; we are a choir family.
  • Monitor the schedule for seasonal social events (Christmas "King's Day" party, End of the year BBQ, etc).